uptown market



We specialize in treating our customers as the valued neighbors that they are and work to make this store what Uptown Pensacola wants and needs. We want you to feel like we're your neighborhood store that reflects the eclectic vibe of Uptown Pensacola. We pride ourselves on responding to our customer's product requests whenever we can. Whether you need help putting together an impressive charcuterie board filled with imported & unique cheeses, meats, and nuts; just want to grab something to nosh on while you relax at home; or enjoy your meal outside on our tables, we are that kind of store.

We're always adding local vendors as we seek out as yet undiscovered taste sensations or well loved local treasures. But more than just adding products to our shelves we believe that growing together locally works for us all. We want Uptown Market to be a trusted place that supports both our local food and beverage producers, but also our local arts & craft artisans. We believe if we can help you get your product to the public by assisting in the navigation of any required certifications and licenses and provide a place to display and sell your crafts, we all benefit from that relationship and support. Contact us to see if your locally crafted product would be a fit in our store.

We believe that those that live or work in the Uptown Pensacola area should have all the wonders of our area available to them close-by...we are Bringing Downtown Uptown.

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